Choosing the Right Garage Door


At D & D Garage Doors we are always looking out for our customers. We want YOU to choose from the best possible options and we like to consider every aspect that goes into buying a new garage door. We want our customers to be happy, buying a garage door is a long term investment and you should LOVE your decision .

Whenever we have a new client we always start from the basics. A lot of items go into suggesting a new garage door. We always start with the exterior of not just the house, but the surrounding homes and the community. Here’s what to consider when shopping for a new garage door:

  1. Aesthetics
    1. Aesthetics are important.  Consider what doors your neighbors have and what would look best with your style of home.  Ifyour home is more traditional a modern door may not be the best option
  2. Size of your home
    1. Another big consideration is the size of your home, is it a one-story home or two? This can determine what size or design would look good with your home.
  3. Garage Door Location
    1. Where the garage doors are placed? Are they in the front of the home or on the side? Again, for aesthetics. If your garage door is in front, you may want to consider something with more curb appeal.

Once we have all these things in mind we start to narrow down the best style of garage door for your home. Once we narrow down a few styles we take a look at your  lifestyle and habits that will come into play during everyday use of your door.


  1. What are the homeowners trying to do with their doors?

The typical answer is usually to replace them at a cost efficient price which is not always the best option.  However,  if the homeowner plans on staying in their home or selling soon, they may want to look into a more stylish door. Not only couldthis increase the overall look of a home but it will increase their ROI if the homeowners plan on selling soon.


  1. How often are the homeowners using the garage door?

If the homeowners are constantly using it, it is best to invest in a durable door. The typical suggestion from D & D is a 3 layer garage door as it is strong, quieter and insulated. Our top priority is to advise our customers on the best door possible for their situation and to make sure they are satisfied with their decision in the long run.


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