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Four Things You Need To Consider When Purchasing Your Next Garage Door

When making a significant purchase, you research the product you want to buy, right? You need to consider what you want it to look like. If the capabilities would have some purpose in your day-to-day life. Also, is the weather in your area a factor? The same value should be given for your next garage door. Take note of these useful tips when choosing your next garage door. 


The most important thing to take into account before you settle on a decision is your location. The climate, weather, and exposure of your given area will have some weight on the functions of your garage door. Here in sunny Florida, you’re definitely going to want a garage door with resistance to sun, humidity exposure, or even flooding if you live in a coastal region. Make sure to look for doors that can handle the weather according to your area.


Address what kind of technology you want to be paired with your garage door. Are you someone who doesn’t do well with technology? Don’t worry about choosing a high-tech door. Are you someone who can keep up with the trends and wants the latest and greatest in technology for their garage door? If so, consider pairing a smart home device or app to your garage door for easy operating, a Bluetooth speaker, or even a camera for monitoring who goes in and out of your home. If you’re somewhere in the middle, consider what would be useful for you and your family. 


One of the most important items on the checklist is what material you need. There are several options to choose from, including wood-based, vinyl, metal, or even fiberglass door frames. Think about what type of door would be suitable for the durability your area calls for. As noted above about considering your location, in Florida, you may be required to have a hurricane-rated garage door. For Floridians living along the coasts, a steel door may not be a great choice due to rust from salt build-up; for Floridians living in humid areas, wood frame doors will deteriorate much faster because of the moisture. Your look has to be built around the regulations that your county enforces.

Exterior and Interior

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Presentation is everything these days. Once you secure the practicalities of your new garage door, you’ll get to have some fun actually designing the look of it, inside and out! Match the exterior of your home to the exterior of your new garage door for the cleanest look or you could try a fun accent of color if you want to go bold. Windows are also a trend in 2019 for garage doors – adding in a few glass panes can create a unique style with natural light. Your interior should also be thought about: what do you use your garage for? 

After you have gone through these tips to create your dream garage door, the final step is to call us at 888-371-7242! We’ll work with you to bring your next garage door design to life.


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