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Driveway and Entrance Gates for your home

I am sure you have seen homes and businesses with driveway gates. They offer security, the luxury of keeping your home and property secured to the confines of your property. I want to tell you a little bit about the types of Driveway Gates that are out there and give you a little bit of information on each one!

There are essentially, two types of driveway gates, swing gates that can be single or bi -parting and sliding gates that can also be single or bi-parting.

The Single Swing Gate system is considered the easiest and most economical system to install. These would be best for residential locations with a wide space to work with. A single swing Gate has a practical  width of 16’. There are gates that are wider up to 20’ that are also offered. Where the single swing gates are economical and easy, the bi-parting swing gates are considered the most elegant entryways, and can be up to 32’ wide, which is significantly larger than the single 16’ swing gate.  So if you have a wider driveway and have room to use, the swing gate would be an ideal option!

There are two important factors to consider when installing your swing gate, the direction the gate will swing when opening, and how much clearance you give the gate from the ground to the gate. It is preferred to have your gate swing inward toward your property. Now, it may be necessary for your gate to swing outward and if that’s the case, your best option would be a linear arm operator, which allows you to install and operate from inside the gate.

So lets talk Slide Gate. The slide gate which are commonly used for commercial driveways can also be used for residential areas. While the slide gates are a little bit more on the expensive side, a slide gate takes up less room than the swing gate. So if you don’t have as much room to work with the slide gate could be a more ideal option for you, it requires less space than the swing gate because you do not have to factor in space for swinging the gate in our out. One thing to keep in mind when installing your slide gate however, is to make sure the ground is level enough so the gate can slide freely.

Driveway gates are an excellent option for any commercial or residential property, providing extra security and protection to your home and property and giving you that extra elegance to your business or home. If you still have questions or want to learn more about installing a driveway gate, contact your nearest D and D location and we’ll be happy to help you!

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