When Should I Replace My Old Garage Door?

By May 30, 2018Helpful "HOW TO"

When Should I Replace My Old Garage Door?



Nothing in your home can last forever. Every item has its own life cycle and sometimes things, unfortunately, have to be replaced. Some things can easily be bought and replaced. However, Garage Doors, though they are replaceable, are an investment in your home and safety How do you know it’s time to replace your garage door? There are the obvious signs of being damaged due to a car incident or the crazy Florida weather. Here are some signs that homeowners are overlooking.

Broken Areas

First, let’s review a few signs that your garage doors are in need of repair. Damages can be a noticeable issue or sometimes they can be subtle. Some of the obvious damages are missing panels or dented sections. Again this can be from contact with a car, weather damage or even just from age of the door. Another way to tell that your garage may be broken is to see if the garage door is resting on the floor evenly. If not this is a sign the door is either damaged and/or not properly working.

 Your Door is Not Up to Code

In Florida, there are a TON of older homes. The main issue with older homes is that they tend to have older garage doors that are no longer up to code. With Hurricane season approaching it’s important to have your home ready to withstand potential damaging, inclement weather. Having your home not up to code is a major hazard and huge safety factor for you and your family. Having your door up to code will also give you peace of mind knowing your home is safe during storms and that it is impacted rated so even flying debris cannot penetrate it. Check out our impact rated doors here!

Excessive Movement When Opening and Closing

Has your door started vibrating upon opening and closing? Some homeowners barely even notice this issue, but it can be the source of an EVEN BIGGER issue! Vibrating can mean that there is an issue with the tracks of your garage door. It could be from a track becoming rusted or a roller has come off of a track. This could even be an issue with your springs or hinges. Both major issues that need to be addressed.

Response Time

When you head out in the morning or when you arrive home, does your door seem to take forever to move? This could mean there is a connection issue with your doors sensors. This can be due to the age of your door or that a sensor was not hooked up properly. Either one is meant for concern.


Is your door extremely loud when opening or shutting? This is a clear sign your door needs to be replaced. As doors get older over time they start to wear. The noise could be a number of things, but it’s important to call a professional to have them help you with the next steps.


If you’re considering replacing your door call D & D Garage Doors today. We will take care of all your garage door needs and can get you set up with a new door in no time!