Repair vs. Replace: When Is The Right Time For My Garage Door?

By June 28, 2021Helpful "HOW TO"

Garage doors are an essential asset to our homes. They are the largest entryway and a way to safely store vehicles and other belongings. Garage doors have a relatively long lifespan when given the proper care and maintenance. They also offer a multitude of benefits so it is crucial to understand when to repair or replace your garage door!

It’s Time To Repair When…

Paint Cracks

Cracked or faded paint on your garage door may be a sign of wear and tear, but it doesn’t affect the overall structural integrity of your garage door. Although this may put a damper on your home’s curb appeal, it’s an easy fix! Painting your garage door is an easy weekend DIY repair.


Panels Bend

A cracked or bent garage door does affect the overall structure of your garage door. However, these issues tend to be purely cosmetic, and repairing your garage door will be cost-effective in the long run! It is pertinent to address these issues and use a trusted professional before they turn into a severe structural problem that results in a costly repair.


Sensors Become Faulty

Faulty garage door sensors are a common problem and an easy fix! Most often they malfunction due to a lack of power supply. However, if both lights are still on then the sensors could be covered in dirt or misaligned. This wear and tear is possible if you have been using the same sensors for over ten years.


It’s Time To Replace When…

Doors Become Warped

Did you back into your garage door? This is a common mistake of busy homeowners that results in a warped garage door that no longer opens or closes properly. In this instance, it is best to replace your garage door to ensure your home and belongings are safe from intruders.


Energy Efficiency Decreases

Reducing energy consumption could be a reason to replace your garage door. Older garage doors lack insulation and are likely to let in heat which will increase your energy bills. Replacing your garage door with one that offers a tight seal and insulated polyurethane panels is the best option!


Thinking About Resale Value

Are you selling your home? The Florida market is HOT! Replacing your garage door yields the second-highest return on your investment for a home remodeling project. You are likely to see a 4% increase in your home’s selling price after replacing your garage door.

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