Do I need a permit for home improvements?

Do I need a permit for home improvements?

There always seems to be a debate on when you need a permit for any repairs or improvements done to your home. So, it’s always smart to check with your building department to make sure you are within the law.

Garage Door PermitWhen installing and replacing garage doors, permits are required. However, you are not required to have a building permit when you are replacing sections or installing a screen for your garage.

As a homeowner having a permit is in your best interest! After the job is completed it is the owner’s responsibility to make sure a final inspection is also completed. Here’s how it works, the building department sends out a knowledgeable inspector that will go over the plans to make sure your garage door is up to the Florida Building Codes. If the door is not up to code, your home will fail the inspection and the contractor will need to come back to get the garage door up to code so you pass the next inspection.

Something to Consider:

Be wary of a contractor that does not mention anything about the need for a building permit! A permit will help you avoid problems in the future. For example, if the work is done without a permit and eventually discovered by the building department they will make you purchase the required building permit and you may need to pay fines or possibly have a lien out on your property.

Protect yourself and your home!


  • Donna says:

    I actually know someone that replaced a door without a permit by a company. He had to purchase a whole new door to escape his fines since most companies will not pull a permit on work not done by them. After seeing what he went thru I will always check my local building dept with any home repairs or replacements

  • Ron says:

    Always get the permit.. some people feel its just a another way for the community to make money, but if there is a loss, one of the first thinks insurance companies will check for is the issuance of permits for any work done. If there was no permit, and the work done caused the fire.flood.etc. the insurnce company can refuse to pay the claim.

  • Debbie says:

    Thank you so much for pointing out facts that I would have never thought of!