Make Your Garage Door POP With These Five Tips

Tired of your dull and plain garage door? Make it POP! Garage doors are the largest entry point of your home and can be the first thing visitors see when approaching your door. Why not make it stand out? With these five simple tips, you can take your garage door from average to the HIT of your block!

Revamp Your Windows!

Just like you decorate your interior windows, adding window treatments to your garage door is a great way to add style and personality.  Iron and plastic pieces are a popular option for this and another great choice for window treatments would be to add stained glass as an accent as well. A great thing about window treatments is that they are interchangeable meaning you’re able to try out a trendy look without too much commitment. When it comes to installing these treatments it is best to hire a professional to add a design directly onto the window so there is no damage to the door itself.


Add a POP of Color

Nothing makes a house pop like a new color! Whether you’re aiming for a more neutral look or you’re in the mood to mix it up with a fun color, adding new paint is an easy and affordable way to revamp your look. Even better, the fresh paint will make your home look very crisp and clean!

SMART Garage Doors

In the age of technology, a smart garage door is exactly what your home needs! You can forget the days of worrying about whether you forgot to close the garage door. With smart doors, you can just check that it’s closed on your phone! You’ll have all of your neighbors wondering how your garage door was able to close with no one there. Bonus – with smart door systems, you’ll even be able to turn your home lights on before you walk in! 

Decorate With Hardware

Hardware is a fun way to add personal style to your home’s garage door. It’s great because it is entirely customizable – you have the freedom to create any look or style that you want. These accent pieces can really tie the exterior of your home together and create a finished look. Please be sure when picking out the hardware you are consulting with a professional and it is best NOT to DIY this project. That way you are not damaging your garage door.

Install a Pergola 

Be the standout of your neighborhood by adding a pergola! This design feature completely enhances the empty wall space on the exterior of your home. Bonus – if you want to take this feature a step further, you can plant vining plants to give your home an earthy look all year long! 


These are just some of the many little things you can do that are sure to make your garage door pop! To learn more about how to make your home stand out, give D & D Garage Doors today at 888-371-7242!