How To Organize Your Garage For The Holidays

By November 1, 2022Things You Should Know

With the holiday season in full swing and decorations coming out, it’s the perfect time to get your garage in order. Nothing kicks off the holidays like putting up decorations, which is why it is crucial to have a good organization system so you can easily find what you need. Continue reading to find out how to EASILY organize your holiday decorations! 

Ditch The Cardboard

If you store your decorations in cardboard boxes, consider making the switch to plastic containers. Cardboard boxes are susceptible to ripping and not standing the test of time. They also won’t protect your decorations from pests, rodents, or natural elements.

Label Containers

If you do make the switch to plastic containers for your decorations, color-coding them will make it easy to decipher what holiday decor is stored in each one! This easy color guide can help you organize your bins for the holidays:

Valentine’s Day – Red

St. Patrick’s Day – Light Green

Easter / Spring – Purple

4th of July Decorations – Dark Blue

Halloween / Fall Decorations – Orange

Christmas – Dark Green or Black

Hanukkah – Light Blue

New Years – Gray

If you choose to opt out of color-coding your containers, you can still label the individual containers so you can identify what items are in each, or just the general holiday. Or buy clear plastic containers so you can easily decipher what’s inside!

Use Overhead Racks 

Of course, holiday decorations only come out during the holidays, so they aren’t needed for everyday use. Installing ceiling-mounted racks allow you to take advantage of the vertical storage space within your garage. This is also ideal for bulky items such as artificial Christmas trees, wreaths, and holiday lights. Less floor clutter means extra space for regularly used items like sports equipment and tools!

Additional Storage Tips

When organizing and placing your items into plastic bins, be sure to take precautions to keep ornaments and delicate items safe. Small, round ornaments can be kept safe in egg cartons before being placed in a larger bin. Larger ornaments can be wrapped in tissue paper or newspaper with a layer between them in the bin. Candles should be wrapped in cellophane to prevent them from melting together, or bleeding color if they become too warm.

We hope these tips have helped you HANDLE your holiday decoration organization. Although our D & D team can’t organize your garage for you, with over 30 years of expert experience, our team is here to HANDLE the UPS & DOWNS of your home’s gar