How do I buy a new garage door opener?

How do I buy a new garage door opener?

We definitely have a few different choices when it comes to buying a new garage door opener. The one our customer’s choose may depend on what kind of garage door they have, and/or where on their house the garage is located.

First choice you may consider is a screw drive operator. This one is great for heavier garage doors. It is powerful, fast and quiet! It has the max

power to open those larger or heavier doors with ease. This one is also specially designed for extremely hot (like our Florida summers) or cold climates.

Garage Door Opener

Second choice is a belt drive opener. No one wants to be awakened or disrupted by the sound of their garage door opener, right? This is a great choice if your garage is close to your living area or if you have bedrooms above the garage. It is super quiet and smooth but just as strong as a chain drive.

Which leads us to our next choice, the chain drive operator. The chain drive is rugged and reliable. It’s suitable for all doors and the best choice if you are looking for a new operator on a smaller budget.

Last option is a jackshaft operator. This is the perfect choice if you

have a smaller garage and don’t have enough headroom for a rail type operator. This operator is mounted directly to the wall so it leaves plenty of space. Many homeowners also choose this garage door operator if they have a cathedral style ceilings in their garages.

The best part about D & D Garage Doors is the fact that we have design centers all across the State of Florida. You can simply come into any of our showrooms and test out the right garage door opener for you and your home! Just pop in and we’ll gladly show you the different types and you can hear and see them for yourself. No high pressure sales, just knowledgeable garage door experts.

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  • Kala says:

    Oh WOW!!!! What great advice, I just assumed there was one kind of opener for all doors, glad to know I have more options!!!!

  • Donna says:

    I didnt realize there were so many choices! Thanks for always keeping us informed of your great products!

  • michelle says:

    Very helpful. I like the idea of the belt drive opener. I’m glad to hear the salespeople are knowledgeable and not too pushy too. I’ll remember that when I’m ready.

  • Debbie says:

    I would have never understood that there were so many different choices thank you for helping me figure this out and now I can call and order mine

  • Thanks for this great tips on garage door. New people are facing problem when they want to purchase it, and it can be helpful to them. I think jackshaft operator is one of best. Again thank you for sharing thins valuable information.

  • Rebecca says:

    i googled buying new openor and i found your blog. this was so inciteful and helpful. i will be visiting your Tampa location tomorrow. i saw on your website the showroom in Tampa. wow it is beautiful. please let them know i will be stopping in. keep blogging it works.

  • Stuart says:

    i like the choice of the jack shaft for my door it gives my garage a nice clean look !