How A Power Outage Affects Your Garage Door

Florida storms can be brutal! Lightning strikes and power outages can leave you with a car trapped inside your garage. With no way to leave, this puts everyone under your roof at serious risk in the event of an emergency. Protect your home and your family by being prepared for when a storm strikes!

Lightning Power Surge

If your power is still on inside during a storm but your remote control will no longer open your garage, this could be from a lightning power surge. Electrical surges can be dangerous; fortunately, your circuit breaker should protect you. First, try replacing the batteries of the power surge to ensure that is not the problem. If this is unsuccessful, there is damage to the system that must be repaired by a professional. Surge protection is the key way to prevent this from happening.

Power Outage

Even a small storm could cause your power to go out. If your home is out of power and you have no backup sources, your garage will be stuck in the closed position. This could leave you and your family unable to drive your car anywhere, possibly affecting your entire work schedule until a technician is able to come out. You can prevent this by opting for a garage door opener that comes with battery back-up.


When a storm stops your garage from opening, your only solution will be to call a professional to fix your garage door opening system. If a large area is affected by the storm, this could result in emergency fees and long waits. When you skip out on preventative measures, such as installing a surge protector, this could cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars.


The D & D Garage Doors team understands Florida storms. That’s why we’re here to help you install the most durable garage door system for your home. If you find yourself with a broken garage door from a storm, click HERE to schedule your repair today!