How To Give Your Garage TLC During Spring Cleaning

Cleaning your garage can be a daunting task, especially if you have a large garage with many items stored inside. Giving your garage some TLC can help make your life much easier while trying to manage what is in your garage. If you need garage organization tips and how to tackle the spring cleaning tasks, right here is a great place to start!

Dive Into Door Cleaning

This is not a task most commonly thought about, but this can benefit you in the long run. Dirt, debris, and other substances build up throughout the year and get stuck within the crevices of your door, which can furthermore damage your door. While cleaning and upkeeping the finish on your doors is beneficial, it can also prevent rusting. By cleaning your garage door now, you are able to inspect it further, catching any current or future problems that you can avoid and fix.

Empty It Out 

Is your garage full of boxes that haven’t been opened in weeks, months, or even longer? This is a clear indication that it is time to get started with a full clean-out. Clearing out your garage may seem frightening, but no need to fret! Pick a corner to start or pick a pile and continue by putting like items in the same boxes. Looking towards the future, this will make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Sweep Away The Mess

Your garage is now empty! It’s time to make it look fresh and clean! It is also good to check areas that have been covered with the items that were just in your garage. Make sure you see no damage within your garage. If there is none, start sweeping! If you are really trying to freshen your space, you can add a coat of paint or refinish your garage floor!

Declutter Your Space 

Depending on whether you swept, painted, or refinished the floor, now is time to give your garage a rest and go through everything that was inside! Start with the items you know are going back inside and put them aside as you tackle others. While going through the rest, some things may not be of any use to you or to your family members anymore. Toss items you have no further use for or start a donation pile!

Organize What Remains

Now after all that work, you definitely want to make this garage work for you! There are many ways to organize your garage depending on what best fits your needs. If you are looking for actual storage spaces, look into adding sturdy shelving units or cabinets. From there it is best to go off the time of year. Winter decorations or activities should be out towards the back for when they will be needed again. Frequently used items should be of easy access for you! Put your garage into categories like outdoor activities, tools, holiday decor – whatever is best for your lifestyle should be the priority! 

There you have it! Although it might be time-consuming, it is a beneficial process that will keep your garage in tip-top shape year-round. If you need further assistance with your garage door, contact our D & D team. We are here to handle your ups and downs when you need us most. For more information, visit our website at