Garage Door Safety During Hurricanes

Hurricane season is finally upon us, and we are all concerned about our home’s garage door safety during hurricanes. Living in Florida, we all know how hectic it can be when a hurricane is approaching!  The garage door is the largest opening to your home. It is imperative that it is secured during a storm in order to keep your belongings and family safe.

Hurricane Impact Rated

It seems more and more homeowners are choosing to upgrade their door to a sturdier hurricane impact rated garage door to further protect their home.  Most insurance companies will offer a discount if your garage door is hurricane impact rated, so be sure to check with your insurance company when considering an upgrade!


Always remember to unplug your garage door opener once your door is closed, locked, and wind post engaged.  This ensures that you don’t accidentally open the garage door while the locks are engaged, as this may result in lots of damage. Additionally, unplugging your garage door opener ensures that any sort of power surge during a storm would have no impact on the opener and its functions.