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hurricane season garage

Hurricane Season: The Importance of Impact and Wind-Rated Garage Doors

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In the Sunshine State, we’re no strangers to the power and unpredictability of hurricanes. As Floridians, we know that preparing our homes for hurricane season is non-negotiable. While many of us focus on securing windows and doors, one crucial element that’s often overlooked is the garage door. In this blog, D & D Garage Door,…

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florida humidity

Tips For Maintaining Your Garage Door in the Florida Humidity

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As a homeowner in sunny Florida, you know all too well the challenges that humidity can bring. From sweltering summers to sudden rainstorms, the humidity can pose unique considerations for maintaining your home. One important area that often gets overlooked is your garage door. In this blog, we’ll explore valuable maintenance tips specifically tailored to…

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An Expert Guide on Choosing The Right Garage Door For Your Home

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Choosing the right garage door for your home is an important decision that can greatly impact its curb appeal, functionality, and security. With numerous options available in terms of style, material, and features, the process can feel overwhelming. However, fear not! As experts in the industry, D & D Garage Doors is here to guide…

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How to Get Rid of and Prevent Mold in Your Garage

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As a Florida homeowner, you’re likely familiar with the dampness and humidity that comes with living in a subtropical climate. Did you know that this humidity can wreak havoc on your home? One area that’s particularly prone to mold growth is the garage. As a garage door company serving Florida homeowners for over 30 years,…

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garage spring cleaning

Easy Steps To Get Your Garage Back In Tip-Top Shape This Spring

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With the spring season comes warmer weather & longer days, presenting the perfect opportunity to spend some time cleaning out your garage to make it the perfect outdoor hang-out spot or workshop. If you’re ready to get your garage back in tip-top shape this spring, here are four simple tips to help you get organized…

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5 Most Common Garage Door Repairs

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Garage door problems can be a headache, but our D & D team is always here to handle your UPS & DOWNS. Our team has provided you with some of the most common garage door repairs. Continue reading to find out the most frequent problems homeowners face with their garage doors.    Safety Sensor Alignment…

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Why Garage Door Maintenance Is A MUST This Season

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We have all heard of preventive maintenance for home systems, such as furnaces and air conditioning systems, but have you considered garage door maintenance? Garage doors can benefit greatly from regular maintenance and will help save money! Continue reading to find out why garage door maintenance is a MUST this season. Prevents Major Issues From…

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4 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Garage Door

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When it comes to the exterior of your home, your garage door is the largest focal point and entryway. With that said, there are a multitude of benefits to upgrading your garage door so it lives up to its fullest potential. Increasing your home’s value by 4%, encouraging a return on investment, reducing heating &…

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