Spring Time…Broken Garage Door Spring time that is!

Broken Garage Door Springs

*This blog was written by Donna Coleman. Disclaimer information below.

We get a lot of calls from customers saying, “My door will go up a little and then slam down.” Or, they call and say “My Garage Door wont open.” Even better, “I heard a loud bang and tried to open my door but it wont budge.”

These can be signs that you may have a broken spring.

When customers calls with any of the above scenarios we generally ask them a few questions such as:

  • “Can you disconnect the door from the operator and lift the door manually?”
    • If the answer is NO, then we ask them to look above the door to see if there is a gap between the coils of the spring.
    • If the answer is YES, we know they have a broken spring.

In the case of a broken spring, we inform the customer the spring needs to be replaced and we go ahead and set up a service call. We always recommend replacing both springs, even if only one snapped. Chances are, the other spring is just as old and is sure to follow. By replacing both the Garage Door Springs at the same time you are keeping them on the same cycle and saving money in the long run. Nothings worse then replacing one broken Garage Door Spring and having to replace the other broken Garage Door spring one month later.

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