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Wind Code Calculator

By | Garage Door Advice, Things You Should Know

Wind Code Calculator Garage doors are vital when protecting your home during a high-wind storm. Homeowners in any hurricane or high wind prone region are at risk of losing their entire roof or garage door. Our wind code calculator is intended to greatly assist us throughout the preliminary design process of safe garage doors. Simply…

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Garage Maintenance: DIY or Call D & D?

By | Garage Door Advice

How to properly maintain a garage door is not something we are taught in grade school. Many people often deal with uncertainty when handling its upkeep. “Am I able to do this on my own?” “Should I call D & D?” “Could this do more harm than good?” If you, too, are unsure of the…

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LiftMaster Wi-Fi Setup Issues

By | Helpful "HOW TO"

LiftMaster Wi-Fi Setup Issues   Here at D & D Garage Doors, the customers are our priority. That’s why we offer so many modern day conveniences such as, alerts on your mobile devices, the ability to open your garage door when the powers goes out and Wi-Fi connected garage door openers. The last thing we…

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