3 Ways to Add Killer Accents To Your Garage Door

Most homes have a garage door that is outdated, has bland colors, or no personality at all. Who says that garage doors have to be boring and basic? At D&D Garage Doors, we want your garage door to be living up to its full potential. Whether you prefer a more modern, sleek look or even a carriage/ranch style, D&D can create exactly what you are envisioning. Here are three ways that can help you add some killer accents to your garage door.



1. Pergolas

Having an attached pergola can instantly revamp your garage. Not only are pergolas completely customizable, but they are also multipurpose. Pergolas can provide shade under your garage as well as display beautiful greenery and flowers in front of your home. Not to mention, pergolas can make a bold architectural statement (increasing your curb appeal)!





2. Hardware

If you’re tired of the “cookie cutter” look, consider buying hardware to “dress up” your garage door. Many times, we are ready for an upgrade but just don’t have the budget. In other cases, some of us are home flippers. It is not uncommon for unexpected costs to arise when flipping a home. Unfortunately, there are times when we must compromise. Garage hardware is typically inexpensive ranging from 15 to 65 dollars and is a smart option when on a budget.

You can find garage hardware at your local hardware stores. Typically these places do not have a huge selection of hardware to choose from. In those cases, it is best to buy online. Online you can find different cultural styles such as Americana, Tuscany, Guadalajara, and Barcelona.

3. Molding

Adding molding to your garage door can bring cohesiveness to your entire home. Choosing to match the molding of your windows and doors to your garage can complement the overall exterior of your home. Nowadays, curb appeal is essential! Whether you are choosing to revamp your home for your own personal taste or to help resell it, adding molding is unquestionably an exceptional option



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