10 Easy Ways to Get Your Garage Prepared for Spring

By March 28, 2018Helpful "HOW TO"

1.Entryway Storage

Add a cute entryway to your home with this great storage idea. Complete with hooks and bins this idea is perfect for families on the go who need to drop a backpack or a pair of shoes off while on the run.

2. Organize Your Cleaning Products

Put all your cleaning supplies in one spot! Keeping your supplies organized instead of stored all over the house lets you neatly keep everything together and allows you to keep better track of these items. That way you will know when you need a restock!

3. Hang it Up!

Move everything off of the ground and hang it up with this great storage idea. Hanging up your extra bins, luggage and coolers allow you to keep everything out of the way and you only have to take it down when it is truly needed.

4. Color Coordinate Kids Toys

Keep all of the kids’ toys together in these colorful bins. These bins add a fun flair to a mundane garage and not only are these bins fun but they are functional.

5. Organize all your Tools

Build racks to keep all of your tools in one place. Don’t just keep tools stashed away in draws, hang them up in sight so you know where they are each time. No more looking for lost screwdrivers when they are all hanging neatly in your garage.

6. Give Every Family Member Their Own Space

Let everyone have their own storage space. This allows every member of the family to have a place to put their items when coming home so that they know exactly where it is. The less clutter the better!

7. Add POPS of Color!

Garage organization doesn’t have to be boring! Add some flair with these checkered boards that not only serve as a unique design but add functionality as well.

8. Everything Has a Place … Even Grocery Bags!

Save those leftover grocery bags with this great storage idea right in your garage. Store your reusable in your plastic or paper bags for easy access when needed.

9. Get Your Yard Tools Together

Easily keep all of your yard tools in one spot with this hanging storage idea. This clean design allows you to have all your items neatly displayed and easily accessible for whenever you may need them.

10.  Store it AWAY!

Tired of having your belongings thrown throughout your garage? Easily store them in bins! Although not the most aesthetic they are the easiest way to store away items. Labeling allows for maximum organization and easy retrieval when an item in a bin is needed.